Elphaba in Wicked

Christine Dwyer

Christine Dwyer shot to Broadway super-stardom when she was promoted from standby to the starring role of Elphaba in Wicked on Broadway. Christine has toured North America in numerous Broadway shows, starring as Jenna in Waitress, Sylvia in Finding Neverland, and Maureen in Rent. Christine loves to connect with fans and discuss how she worked her way up the ranks at Wicked. Ask her about her Tony Award performance for the Tenth Anniversary celebration of Wicked on Broadway.

Christine Dwyer and Matt DeAngelis, husband & wife duo, offer performance-based Masterclasses! If your organization is interested, please email us and tell us about your group at concierge@broadwayplus.com!

One-on-One Coaching (Virtual) 60 Minutes (Acting Through Song)
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