Season 18 of Project Runway

Sergio Celestino Guadarrama

Stitch your life together with Sergio Guadarrama! Sergio is a fashion designer seen on season 18 of Bravo’s hit design show, Project Runway. He, along with Kade Johnson, are the masterminds behind the iconic fashion line, Celestino. The company unites classical couture techniques with innovative concepts, up-cycled luxury fabrics, and unconventional details to create a sensational aesthetic. Sergio, and his brand, believes in designing with a purpose, maintaining a strong socially conscious mentality and embracing the culture of the LGBTQ+ community and aspires to be positive role models within the fashion industry. Go behind-the-seams with Sergio to become the next fashionista and make sure you ask him about working on the stage productions of Madame Butterfly and The Magic Flute!

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