Radio City Rockette

Vanessa McMahan

From Radio City to Shiz University to Disney World, Vanessa McMahan’s career is a dancer’s dream! Vanessa has shined onstage at Radio City as a Rockette, in the Chicago company of Wicked, in an incredible 9 ensemble tracks in Mary Poppins, and at multiple theme parks including Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Hershey Park, and Universal Studios Hollywood (as a pin-up Mrs. Claus!). She’s also appeared on television in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, conquered the high seas performing with Celebrity Cruiselines, and appeared in regional theater productions, films, and numerous commercials. Vanessa’s incredible career offers aspiring performers a chance to gain valuable insights and learn from the best (check out her career consultation offering!). Don’t forget to ask Vanessa about her most memorable meet-and-greet… with Justin Timberlake backstage at Wicked!

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Video Shout-Out $45

You’re just one click away from getting a personalized video shout-out from a Broadway star! These make a truly unforgettable gift for birthdays, special occasions, or just to make someone’s day. The best part? These videos are yours to keep, share, and replay as many times as you want. Use our order form to customize your request, and you’ll have your message within 5 days. We guarantee that no two videos are alike and each message will be genuine and personal for all of our fans.

Meet-and-Greet $85 / 30 Minutes

Now is your chance to be face-to-face (virtually!) with a Broadway star! You’ll have the unique opportunity to ask them about getting started, hear fun backstage stories, learn about their career highlights, and ask them anything about the industry. This experience can be personal and one-on-one, or upgraded to include up to 10 friends and family. Screenshots are encouraged to remember and share the experience with others. Meet-and-greets are the Broadway Plus signature experience, and no one does them better!

Career Consultation $150 / 60 Minutes

Having successfully auditioned for so many different kinds of entertainment “gigs,” Vanessa has learned a lot about how to build a diversified career as a performer. Connect with Vanessa to talk auditions, career pivots, getting noticed, and much more.

Dance Lesson $200 / 60 Minutes

5-6-7-8! Get ready to work, sweat, and have fun during a private dance lesson with one of our triple-threat Broadway artists! We’ll start with a warm-up, then go into technique, and end with a real combo from a Broadway show that can be adjusted for all levels. Career consultation and advice are also included for those looking to pursue theater professionally. When you sign up, you’ll receive our helpful “preparing for your lesson” guide to help you get ready!

Audition Coaching $200 / 60 Minutes

Practice makes perfect, but practicing with a Broadway star takes you to the next level! Have the upper hand in your next audition by getting invaluable insights from our artists on how to stand out. Drill down on your delivery, learn about perseverance, and boost your confidence! As with any audition, make sure you come prepared and familiar with your song or monologue to maximize your experience.

Group Q&A or Masterclass 60 Minutes


Looking for a unique activity for your group, party, or club? Book an exclusive Q&A or Masterclass! This Broadway star will join you and your group to share stories from their career, answer everyone’s questions, provide expert coaching and advice, and make some Broadway memories.

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