FAQ - Educational Group Events

What are the different formats of educational group events?

  1. Group Q&As – During the entire length of the event (typically 1-hour, but we have done 30 and 45 mins), the artist(s) will answer questions and share backstage stories.
  2. Masterclasses – For most groups, 90-minutes is the perfect length (though other lengths are available). In the case of a 90-minute class, the artist will use the first hour to coach 6-8 select students on a 16-32 bar cut or a 1 minute monologue. We use the last 30-minutes as a Q&A for all (including observers).
  3. Group Dance Classes – These are 1-hour in length. The artist starts off with a brief warmup, then they teach the group choreography from their respective show, and then we leave a few minutes at the end for a Q&A. Classes are great for all dance levels! This is a great option for larger groups, so every student can get the chance to work. In your inquiry, please let us know what show (i.e. Aladdin or Hamilton) you’d like to focus on, so we can recommend a teacher!
  4. Group Sing-A-Long/Vocal Technique Classes – These are 1-hour in length. The artist will start off with a brief vocal warmup, then teach a song from their respective show (there are opportunities for volunteers to sing lines as solos), and then we will leave a few minutes for a Q&A. At the moment, our options for this type of class are our “Scar Sing-along” (learn the song “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” from The Lion King) and “Vocal Technique with Meghan Picerno” (learn the song “Think of Me” from The Phantom of the Opera).
  5. Group Acting Class – An artist will join your group for 1-hour to lead group-based acting exercises. We’ll leave the last few minutes for a brief Q&A. This is a great option for larger groups, so every student can get the chance to work. Most artists are available for this option.

What platform do your events take place on and how many people can attend?

Our default is Zoom, but we are able to use another platform of your choice (GoogleMeet, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, etc.) if you provide the link. Once an experience has been paid for and scheduled, you will receive a Zoom invite from Broadway Plus. Please instruct all participants to download the Zoom app (it’s free!). All they have to do is click on the link, enter the password, and the Zoom app will pop up and the event will begin at the scheduled time. Our standard pricing is for a group of up to 95 participants, an additional fee applies for larger groups.

What type of payment methods do you accept and is payment required in advance? 

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal, wire transfers, and checks. We are able to accept Purchase Orders from educational institutions and government entities. Payment is required in order to confirm your event with a specific artist(s), date, and time, with exceptions made on a case-by-case basis for educational institutions and government entities that do not allow pre-payment.

Will the artist sing during our event?

Most of our artists are willing to sing during an event, so long as expectations are laid out far in advance. Please note this in your inquiry, the price of your event will increase if the artist will be singing.

Can we record the class?

Usually. If this is on Broadway Plus’ Zoom account, please let us know your intention to record in advance of the event, so we can give you permission on Zoom. Regardless of who’s account this is hosted on, we kindly ask that you give the artist(s) a heads up before pressing record. We kindly ask that no more than 1-minute of the event is posted on social media or another public forum. 

Is a specific artist available? And when are they available?

All of the artists listed on our platform are available for booking. If you are looking to book an event with a specific artist, once the event is confirmed, we will ask you for 3 possible dates/times in Eastern and see what works best. Please note that for our show-themed, Cast Q&As with multiple artists, we typically book whichever lead artists are available on your preferred date and who we think will jive with the group. For example, for a Hamilton-themed Q&A with multiple artists, we’d send artists who have played Hamilton, Eliza, etc.

Can we charge students for the class?

Yes, but we kindly ask that let us know you plan to do this when beginning the booking process, as we are required to inform the artist. Broadway Plus cannot handle ticket sales on your behalf. 

My students are together in-person. Can we still book a virtual group event?

Sure! We’ve had students tune-in remotely from their own homes or students all together in a gym/theater/classroom and have the artist on a big screen. Just make sure to test out your camera set-up, so the artist can see your gym/theater/classroom!

If the artist is in the area, can they come in person?

Yes, we just have to comply with particular COVID policies and procedures that include social distancing and testing ahead of time. Please note this in your inquiry.

Can you send a contract for the event?

Yes, although on our end, we consider the invoice sent by your Broadway Plus representative and your payment of that invoice to be sufficient and legally binding. If your organization requires a more detailed contract, please let us know and send any language you request for our review.

Why is the pricing more than on the website? What is the difference?

The pricing on our website is for one-on-one experiences, intended to make weekly coaching sessions affordable for theater students. 

Do you offer any accommodations for fans with special needs?

Yes! Broadway Plus celebrates all fans, and it’s important to us that we provide equal access to all. We can provide you with an ASL interpreter or any other special service that you need. Please make note of this in your inquiry, and our team will accommodate you.


If you still have a question, please return to the FAQ home page or click here to review our full policies. After that, please email us if you still have not found the answer you’re looking for!