FAQ - PlusPass & Workshops


Do I need a PlusPass subscription to book a Broadway Plus experience?

No! All experiences on our website may be booked by anyone, with or without a PlusPass subscription. PlusPass is a membership program that provides exclusive access to one-of-a-kind group events on a weekly basis. 

Can I change from a monthly to an annual PlusPass subscription?

Absolutely! You can upgrade your subscription at any time by logging into your account and clicking “upgrade.”

Can I change from an annual to a monthly PlusPass subscription?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate changes mid-year from an annual to a monthly subscription.  You will only be able to switch from an annual to a monthly subscription at the end of that year.  

What is the PlusPass cancelation policy?

For monthly subscriptions, you will be responsible for the current month’s payment, but you may cancel at any time. We unfortunately cannot accommodate cancellations on annual subscriptions as the amount will have been paid in full and processed. Both monthly and annual subscriptions will automatically renew unless canceled by the member.

How many people can attend a PlusPass?

We guarantee “unlimited access to weekly events” and therefore do not place a cap on attendance! Depending on the event, we can have anywhere from 20-100 guests – PlusPass is open to everyone with a membership, and all are welcome!

Do you record PlusPass events to watch after they happen?

Per our policy and for privacy reasons, we do not record the events for distribution.  We also want each event to feel special and want our members to be “in the Zoom where it happens” for a truly one-of-a-kind experience.



What’s a participant and an observer?

Participant means you perform and take an active part in receiving feedback from the artist directly. Observer means you watch the class and learn from watching others.

What do I prepare?

Class preparation varies. Check each class description for instructions on what to prepare. Typically between 16-64 bars of music, provide your own accompaniment.

What do I do on the day of my class? 

Simply click the Zoom link in your email confirmation and join the class! Set your Zoom display name to match the name you booked your workshop with, or you will not be admitted to the class. 

Can I turn my camera off during a class?

Observers, Q&A participants, and participants in group workshops without individual feedback (i.e. dance) are not required to have their cameras on. Participants in classes with individual feedback (i.e. Acting Through Song) are required to have cameras turned on.

Are sessions recorded?

Yes, sessions are recorded for liability and kept private. At this time, we are unable to provide copies of workshop recordings.



If you still have a question, please return to the FAQ homepage or click here to review our full policies. After that, please email us if you still have not found the answer you’re looking for!