Gift Cards

Give the gift of a PlusPass Membership! This option provides access to our entire calendar of custom virtual events for free with a monthly or annual membership. Gift certificates are also great for those looking to provide a priceless experience for a charity auction. Gift certificates may be redeemed at checkout for a PlusPass Membership on the website.
Note: A Virtual Experience gift card is a separate product that can be purchased here.


When does the membership begin?

The membership will begin when the gift card is used and the membership is created.

Can you purchase a gift card to donate?

Of course, you can purchase a gift card and donate it to the charity of your choice.

Do you get a physical gift card?

We do not mail you a physical card but, you will receive a link to download or print the certificate.

Does the gift card recipient get notified?

No, the recipient won’t be notified, and you can give the gift card however you would like to.
    Check this box if you do not want to include the price field in the Gift Card confirmation email or on the Gift Card.
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