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“What Would I Do if I could Feel”


Christopher Henry Young is best known for his incredible performances in Hamilton and in A Bronx Tale: The Musical on Broadway. We’re celebrating Black History Month alongside Christopher who put together an incredible video for us where he sings “What Would I Do If I Could Feel” from The Wiz and explains what this song has meant to him throughout his career in the theater. 

“This song is always really significant to my journey as a professional artist because I feel like so often my experiences and my goals are often met with difficulties that seem to be linked to my identity as a black man and I’m often kind of left to wonder what would I do if I could express myself as an artist unencumbered by some of those things.” Christopher goes on to discuss the progress he envisions the theater community could accomplish if they instill systematic change in their institutions. He longs for a day where he can feel free unburdened by all of the things society sees him as vs. what he sees himself as. 

“What would I do if I could marvel in the community that is professional theater without doubt or shame or being boxed in, but it also is someone who is hoping for more- they dream of more and I feel that’s my life as an artist. Things are tough, things are difficult, things are unjust and yet I still hope. I hold out hope for when I am able to live freely as an artist and thrive in our community.” Christopher remains hopeful to see the change he seeks to see in time, and so do we. 

Christopher is available for video shoutouts, meet-and-greets, coaching and masterclasses. Book him today at www.broadwayplus.com/ChristopherHenryYoung.