Peggy/Mariah in Hamilton, Nabalungi in The Book of Mormon

Candace Quarrels

Currently in the ensemble in Hamilton in the LA Company

Candace Quarrels has been singing and performing for as long as she can remember! During her sophomore year of college in Nashville, Tennessee, Candace booked the role of Nabalungi in The Book of Mormon — all from an open call audition she went to after class! After two years with the production, Candace joined the cast of Hamilton covering all three Schuyler sisters. Soon after, she took over full-time for the dual role of Peggy Schuyler and Mariah Reynolds! Candace is so excited to meet people who love theater and aspire to be on stage through meet-and-greets, Q&As, and lessons. Candace is also a certified Herbalist and would love to discuss health, sustainability, and wellness with you!

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