Alexander Hamilton in Hamilton

Deejay Young

Current Standby for Alexander Hamilton, Lafayette/Jefferson, Laurens/Philip, Mulligan/Madison in Hamilton in the Angelica Company

Deejay Young is a singer/songwriter, actor and entertainer hailing from Tampa, Florida. Deejay first got his start in show biz at the age of 5 as a supporting actor on the National Tour of the hit Gospel-theatrical stage play Daddy Please Don’t Leave.  Most recently, Deejay has been seen on the National Tour of Hamilton as the principal standby for Alexander Hamilton, Laurens/Phillip, Lafayette/Jefferson, & Mulligan/Madison.  He is also an independent recording artist and professional background vocalist, currently performing with Jordan Fisher.  Deejay loves to connect to his fans for meet-and-greets, coachings and Q&As.  Don’t forget to ask him how he prepared for and learned all of his roles in Hamilton.

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