Broadway Casting Director

Merri Sugarman

A former actress herself, Merri Sugarman is a master teacher, kind mentor, and industry leader. Her workshops on audition materials, college showcases, and the “business of the business” are renowned across the United States. Her expert coaching and feedback have been instrumental in setting actors on paths to great success. She is known for her warmth and ability to communicate in ways that feel molded for every individual performer. Merri’s office casts some of your favorite shows, including SIX, Dear Evan Hansen, Ain’t Too Proud, School of Rock, The Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérables, the upcoming Trevor the Musical, and many more! Connect with Merri for a one-on-one session today.

A half-hour session (meet-and-greet) gives you enough time to ask Merri anything! Regarding training paths and the variety of career options available, Merri brings a wealth of knowledge based on decades in the industry.

In a full-hour session, you may also choose to work on your audition material (song or monologue) and hone your craft with Merri, who has watched thousands of actors audition and has an expert eye for what will work in the audition room. Please come prepared with material for coaching at the top of the session. Please note, this experience does not guarantee future employment, talent representation, invitations to auditions, or any outcome other than further honing your audition skills and gaining a knowledge of how the business works. Merri is unable to workshop material from a show that her office currently represents, please consult for a complete list.

Pricing & Details
Consultation $175 / 30 Minutes

Connect with Merri for a one-on-one consultation and career coaching. She asks that you prepare a short selection of something that you’d do in an audition, in case there’s time to workshop your piece.

Audition Coaching $335 / 60 Minutes

Practice makes perfect, but practicing with a Broadway star takes you to the next level! Have the upper hand in your next audition by getting invaluable insights from our artists on how to stand out. Drill down on your delivery, learn about perseverance, and boost your confidence! As with any audition, make sure you come prepared and familiar with your song or monologue to maximize your experience.

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