What platform do your experiences take place on?

We use Zoom for all of our private virtual experiences. Once an experience has been paid for and scheduled, you will receive a Zoom Invite from Broadway Plus. Please download the Zoom app (it’s free!), if you don’t already have it. All you have to do is click on the link, enter the password, and the Zoom app (which you would have downloaded) will pop up and connect you! 

What do I need to prepare for my lesson?

We’ll send you a “How-To” guide upon booking! Please pick out two pieces for the lesson. You’ll start with one piece (song, monologue, scene, etc.), and if there is extra time, you may work on the second piece. 

If you’re singing, either have an accompanist at a piano or keyboard, or a vocal track queued up and ready to go. Try to find a track on YouTube and PianoTrax, or sing a cappella if you cannot find a track. We recommend playing your track from a different device (like your phone), so as not to interfere with Zoom. Please be warmed-up and ready to sing your song at the beginning of your lesson. If you are working on a monologue or scene, please memorize as much as possible. 

Can I book an experience if I live in a different time zone than New York?

Yes! Toggle to your time zone on the top right of the booking calendar. We have arranged experiences for fans from all over the world — India, England, Germany, France, Australia, and more! Most of our artists are based in New York, so their best availability is based on the American Eastern Time Zone (ET). If you can’t find an available time that works for you, contact us using the button on the artists’ page. 

What if I need to reschedule?

Email us as soon as possible. Broadway Plus offers one complimentary chance to reschedule an experience, should something come up. After initial scheduling, experiences may be rescheduled within 30 days, provided the request to do so is made within 96 hours of the experience start time. In the event that talent availability changes, Broadway Plus reserves the right to request a rescheduling of your experience at a mutually agreeable time. 

What if I accidentally missed my experience?

We will try our best to accommodate you and offer you one chance to reschedule. Depending on the artist’s availability, you may have to wait a bit longer to get something on the books.

What type of payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards. We can also accept PayPal if your circumstances require it. 

Do you offer any accommodations for fans with special needs?

Yes! Broadway Plus celebrates all fans, and it’s important to us that we provide equal access to all. We can provide you with an ASL interpreter or any other special service that you need. Please make note of this in your inquiry, and our team will do our very best to accommodate you.

Can I record my experience? 

Usually. You are required to ask the artist for verbal consent at the start of your session, please respect their decision. As public personalities, artists have different preferences and are sometimes subject to contracts that may prohibit them from allowing you to record. But, most of our artists will be fine with recording. We kindly ask that you please record the experience on your own device, rather than via Zoom. Please review this article for detailed information on how to technically go about recording on your device. If you do not have a Mac or Windows computer, we recommend propping your phone onto some textbooks or binders and recording on your phone, as if you are shooting a video. You may not post clips longer than one minute on social media, YouTube, or any other forum, unless you have clearly noted upon booking that this is for your podcast (please see next question). Posting a few seconds of the experience on Instagram or TikTok is great (please tag us @broadwayplus!), but please don’t post more than one minute. Our artists are very giving with their knowledge, and we want to honor the fact that they chose to share specific information with you! Broadway Plus cannot assist with any further technicalities of self-made recordings. 

Can I use Broadway Plus to book artists to appear on my podcast?

Sure! Please go ahead and book a meet-and-greet on the artist’s profile. In the “anything else you’d like us to know ” section on the booking form, please write that you are using this session to record your podcast. You may share a bit about your podcast here too, and what you are hoping to discuss. The artist will see your note, and that will inform them that this session is for your podcast. If you book and pay for an experience and clearly indicate your desire to record for future use on our booking form and then the artist denies your request, you will be refunded upon written request to Broadway Plus. With regards to recording, we kindly ask that you do so on your own device, rather than via Zoom. You may review detailed instructions here. When you do post your podcast episode, please tag us (@BroadwayPlus on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, @BroadwayPlusNyc on Twitter) — we can’t wait to listen to it!

Will the artist sing for me? 

Only during our custom virtual concerts do our artists sing on Zoom. Click here to begin the concert/custom booking process. Please note, concerts are a higher price than our other offerings. As professional performers, our artists take singing seriously, and require a warm-up and high-quality A/V equipment. Please do not ask an artist to “sing just a little bit,” this is rude and puts them in an awkward position of having to say “no.” 

Can I get a discount? 

As a premium VIP experience company, we do not offer discounts. Our prices reflect the time and effort that it takes us to curate high-quality experiences, and the corresponding customer service needs. To gain access to our affordable Q&As and Masterclass experiences, please sign-up for our Updates & Offers email list and follow us on Instagram! 

Does this money go directly to the artists?

The majority of your payment goes directly to your artist. Of course, our artists consent for Broadway Plus to take a commission in order to support our website, customer service and marketing efforts. Our artists appreciate the services we provide to them, and are happy to compensate us accordingly. 

Will you donate an experience to my charity? 

We receive charity requests every day and are unable to accommodate requests from organizations with which we do not have a prior existing relationship. Exceptions are occasionally made for longstanding partners and previous clients only, subject to artist approval. We regret that no other exceptions can be made. We are heavily involved in the Make A Wish Foundation as a wish-assister and fund-raiser, and choose to concentrate our charitable efforts there in order to maximize impact. 

How do I know you’re a real company that will deliver? 

Read our reviews and read about us in the news! We have been in business since 2016 and are very proud of our outstanding customer service record. Broadway stars and producers contract us to handle a wide variety of VIP services due to our excellent reputation in the industry. We are the longstanding Official Supplier of VIP experiences for many Broadway shows, including Chicago (Our package is linked to on their Ticketing page) and Wicked

Who is supposed to call “time’s up?” 

We ask that you do so, and do not take advantage of our generous artists. Please kindly excuse yourself when your time is up by saying to the artist, “you must be busy today, I’ll let you get going.” 

Can I “bring” my friends? 

Yes! There is an option on our meet-and-greet booking form to add up to 8 additional Zoom logins for a nominal per-person fee. For a full breakdown of our Groups policies, click here. For groups with 8 or more people or a custom group booking, please contact our Group Events department here

Do I need a PlusPass subscription to book a Broadway Plus experience?

No! All experiences on our website may be booked by anyone, with or without a PlusPass subscription. PlusPass is a membership program that provides exclusive access to one-of-a-kind group events on a weekly basis. 

Can I change from a monthly to an annual PlusPass subscription?

Absolutely! You can upgrade your subscription at any time by logging into your account and clicking “upgrade.”

Can I change from an annual to a monthly PlusPass subscription?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate changes mid-year from an annual to a monthly subscription.  You will only be able to switch from an annual to a monthly subscription at the end of that year.  

What is the PlusPass cancelation policy?

For monthly subscriptions, you will be responsible for the current month’s payment, but will not be charged after that.

We unfortunately cannot accommodate cancellations on annual subscriptions as the amount will have been paid in full and processed.


If you still have a question, please click here to review our full policies. After that, please email us if you still have not found the answer you’re looking for!