Incredible Experience

Gift Cards

Give an experience with a Broadway star! This option allows the recipient to choose the artist, experience, and date of their experience for themselves upon booking. Gift certificates are also great for those looking to provide a priceless experience for a charity auction.

Please note, gift cards purchased on this page may only be redeemed for private experiences booked through this website, both virtual and live, exclusive of group sales tickets. To purchase a merchandise gift card, please visit our Shop.


Can I purchase a gift card for a specific experience?

Not technically – you can only choose a dollar amount – but you’re more than welcome to suggest to the recipient what you hope they will purchase with it!

Can I purchase a gift card without an event date?

Yes, you may purchase a gift card without knowing any of the experience details. The recipient ultimately gets to choose who they meet, when, and for what experience.

Can I purchase a gift card to donate?

Yes, Broadway Plus gift cards make the perfect donation to a charity of your choice, and they are welcome to re-sell it. Email us if you need additional marketing materials.

Can I get a physical gift card?

You will be emailed a printable digital gift card upon purchase. Unfortunately, physical gift cards are not available at this time.

Is the recipient notified when I buy the gift card?

No, we leave that to you! You receive a printable gift card for passing on to the recipient when the time is right.