FAQ - Group Events

What does the Broadway Plus host do? 

Our host uses their experience to make your event smooth and engaging. They arrive early, welcome guests, introduce the artist(s), help segue into performances (if applicable), and facilitate a great Q&A. They have dozens of backup questions ready-to-go if your audience is shy, and know how to choose the audience questions that will lead to the most fun and engaging answers from the performers.

What’s your typical run-of-show? 

Here’s what we find works best:

  • 10 minutes before: Host joins Zoom and touches base with client 
  • 5 minutes before: Host begins the meeting and plays music from the show 
  • Start time: A representative from the client side may choose to welcome the audience and kick the event off. If not, our host is happy to do this.
  • Host welcomes everyone on behalf of the production, explains how the Q&A will be facilitated and covers other housekeeping items, and introduces the artist(s)
  • Performers give the audience a quick overview of their career and answers an “intro” question from the host 
  • Host facilitates Q&A (using the private “Chat” and “Raise Hands” features of Zoom), and if applicable, segues in and out of performance numbers at regular intervals (typically every 10 minutes). Alternating between Q&A and performances is recommend for the most engaging experience. 

When do the artist(s) join? Can they do a run-through and/or soundcheck? 

The artist(s) will join right when the event begins. We are in touch with them over email and text just beforehand. We do a run-through and soundcheck with them before your event, so you don’t have to worry about it. 

Can they be in costume?

The artists do not have access to Broadway costumes nor are they contractually permitted to perform in costumes from the show. Upon request, the artist(s) will wear a “look” that is appropriate and suggestive of the show they were in, and we can provide them with a virtual background that is show-specific upon request.

Can we send autographed Playbills to attendees? 

Playbills are not currently in print and many of the actors who do our events together did not perform in the same company at the same time, so this wouldn’t make sense. We will happily create a custom PDF “Zoombill” for a layout fee of $250, complete with actor headshots, digital autographs, your logo, and complete event information. Distribution’s a breeze, and this feels very high-end for guests! 

What about merchandise or gift bags? 

Gladly! We have partnerships with the merchandise providers of all Broadway shows and will happily create custom gift bags. Let us know your quantity and budget, and we’ll provide a few options. We have the ability to ship these directly to event attendees if needed.


If you still have a question, please return to the FAQ home page or click here to review our full policies. After that, please email us if you still have not found the answer you’re looking for!