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College Auditions – Artist Takeaways

It’s officially Unifieds audition season! National Unified Auditions are a one-stop musical theatre audition process that lets aspiring performers audition in-person for multiple colleges, universities, theatre programs, and conservatories.

We at Broadway Plus want to do what we can to calm your nerves and support all who are about to go through this overwhelming process. So…we reached out to a few of our artists who know a thing or two about the college audition process and asked them for any words of wisdom to pass on to you:


It’s important to remember that you are one of a kind. No one will be a better version of yourself than you. But that cuts both ways: you will never be a better version of someone else, someone who already exists, someone who has a career already. Cling to your uniqueness. Don’t be the “next” _____, be the first and only you.


I will never forget my Unifieds. I remember sitting outside in the hallway waiting for my name to be called. I heard a girl belting her face off through the door. It was an impressive sound that my voice definitely couldn’t produce. I remembered what my dad told me. Everyone is different and has something that makes them special. I remember thinking that I would have gotten so nervous if I didn’t remember that I am equally as worthy and as special as everyone auditioning that day. I have my own set of gifts. I am unique. I went in that audition room with love in my heart for everyone. The girl who sang before me, the people waiting behind me, the panel that was about to decide my fate. That love in my heart allowed me to quiet the voices and focus on the craft.

I worked hard. I always say it takes 10,000 hours to be an expert at anything you want on this earth. It’s all about putting in the hours and loving yourself for where you are today. Enjoy the ride. It’s beautiful.



Be present and prepared. Trust the work you have done on your material (you don’t need to run it fifteen times on the day of your audition), and go in the audition room with the intent of connecting with the people behind the table (and at the piano). 


It is okay to change the key! You want to show what you can do best. You’re not auditioning for a role in a production; you’re auditioning for a spot in a program. The faculty want to see what you bring to the program. They don’t care if you can hit the Bb in “Made of Stone”. They want to know if you are directable, flexible, and KIND. So… make the Bb a G if you have to, and make sure you bring your authentic joy into the room with you. 


If you’re struggling with bringing your authentic joy into the space, consider: Am I manufacturing a smile because I’m nervous, or because I don’t actually love what I’m doing? If it’s nerves, that’s okay! Lean into the joy that performing brings. Take care of your well-being, and find something that inspires you, and brings you joy. 

NICK DALY (University of Michigan, Musical Theatre Class of 2023)

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