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Behind the “Behind the Scenes of a Sony Hall Cabaret”

When the pandemic hit in the spring of 2020, Broadway Plus’s service as a premier provider of in-person VIP Broadway experiences was shut down, as was the rest of Broadway. However, while Broadway shows couldn’t go up, Broadway Plus chose to, rather than take an intermission, take a step from MT dancers: we pivoted. Broadway Plus has spent the last year becoming a premier provider of virtual VIP Broadway experiences – our business has been able to connect fans all over the globe with their favorite Broadway stars and support artists who have given their lives to the theatre industry, ultimately fostering memorable experiences for artists and fans alike. We’ve loved being able to bring the bright lights of Broadway to so many people from the comfort of their own homes!

Since then, ‘times have changed’ once again with Broadway’s exciting reopening! While the theatre door’s are now ajar, backstage experiences are not yet possible due to Covid-19 safety precautions. Furthermore, zoom fatigue is VERY real and people are craving live theatre. So how can we balance in-person with virtual? Once again, Broadway Plus chose not to take five, not throw away our shot, but pivot, exploring a new type of experience that has recently been on the rise: HYBRID EXPERIENCES!

“The World Was Wide Enough” for both in-person and virtual – On August 8, 2021, Broadway Plus produced its first hybrid in-person and live-streamed cabaret at SONY Hall! And if you haven’t gleaned it yet, it was a Hamilton Cabaret!

Check out our Behind the Scenes of a SONY Hall Cabaret documentary on YouTube for exclusive footage and interviews from this event, PLUS spot some of your favorite Hamilton actors: Hannah Cruz, Fergie L. Philippe, Thayne Jasperson, and Ryan Vasquez!

This blog isn’t called The Plus Side for nothing – we have one more premier PLUS in store – Behind the “Behind the Scenes” footage and fun facts!!!


The band doing a run-through of the setlist – can you guess what song this is?

FUN FACT: We curated the setlist, cutting and splicing Hamilton material to create a well-rounded cabaret


“The Room Where It Happens,” starring Fergie L. Philippe, featuring Thayne Jasperson, Hannah Cruz, and Ryan Vasquez

FUN FACT: This is the first time these artists were singing these songs together! They have never all been in the same cast of Hamilton at the same time. This is why they are professionals🙌🙌🙌


“My Shot,” starring Ryan Vasquez, featuring Thayne Jasperson, Hannah Cruz, and Fergie L. Philippe

FUN FACT: This was Sony Hall’s first Broadway performance since the shutdown!

This Sony Hall Cabaret was our first glimpse at live theatre being back, as well as this new world that the theatre industry is coming back into. This hybrid Broadway experience reaffirmed our Broadway Plus philosophy that, as times change, don’t shy away from this change because beautiful new possibilities can come from it as long as you choose to…